Hologram Famtasy Objet

Hologram fantasy objet is illuminated with light diffussion.

Intersegment tower type and tree

type are decorous and elegant taste and illuminated for spectacular bightness 

They are applied for the highest class of displays of shops,decoration at station, and show windows  of department


Hologram plates and LED lamps are used

for them and energy saving illuminaton


[Special property for Hologram tower type  and tree types]

  1.  8 directions of rainbow light and emitting from innumerable direction  by  LED lamp.
  2. With different distance between LED lamps and hologram plates, lighting refflection sizes are different to creat light thicnkness and  depth
  3. For model “Elegance”, branches  are used with special optical materials.  Yon can  see brilliant colour effects

             due to white coloured LED lamp light.

4. You can also aettach wide range of optional ornaments for hologram jewel objets

5. You can  assemble them without any kinds of tools


   Stores, show rooms, restraints, hotels, wedding halls, evernt venoues, gardens, various kinds of exhibitions   and display places

Hologram Jewel objet specification

Mini size of Hologram Jewel

Mini size of Hologram jewel is the latest illumination objet of Hologram and LED light.

With change of light and colours, it accomodates your heeling and reassureance unexpected space  with compact size.

By specially applying with functional materials, light diffusion with engery saving

is produced by limited numbers of LED lights, for 4 modes, mono colour, speed and

brightness adjustment,

You can enjoy luminance variety changes.


  •  R(red), G (Green) and  B (Blue) chips of lighting are emitted with diffusion,

           reflectiion and changes of colours toward unlimitted direction by assembles.

           of special materials with highest luminance chipped LED Lamps.

  • Compact designs for tables, flour, counter desks and Bay windows.
  • Under no light room, special materials absorb light around circumstance and changing colours and 24 modes of luminance variation are avaiable.

Hologram film for folding and bending

Hologram films are avaiable for  folding or bending like paper.

You can creat  desinged articles on your request.

Twisting or wrapping of candies, sweets and various kinds of foods wrapping.

Origami and book covers are most popular in Japan/

Please refer to the leaflet.

Slit tape yarn for Nylon non woven fabric & Toray Ultrasuede 

Dyed coloured non woven fabric tape yarn

* 3 mm and 5 mm only.

12 shade colours from 101 to No.112 are standard colours and available for

prompt delivery and the balance colours are available with

per colour about 25 kgs per colour or 50 kg. per colour.

Slit tape yarn for Toray’s Ultrasuede fabric

Slit  tapes of Toray’s Unltrasude fabric are 1.5 mm,

2mm, 3mm and 4 mm available for our supply.

Ultra sueade HP is micro fibers made from recyled

polyesters and resin.

{1} special property.

       Feeling with elegance of drape and smooth   

       touching to skin.

Wide range of colours with colour fastness

{2}  100 shade colours are available for our supply.

        current and classical feeling expression.

{3}  Wide range of application:    Fashionable articles, footwears, interior decorative items,

       bags, hats, caps, furnitures,  etc.,

{4}  Special propery: 〇Suede touch is felt with soft and lamigo hair.

   〇 Stains reomove and water laundry are available.〇 Brillaint and clear colours,

        excellent light fastness 〇 Less wrinkling, elongation, shrinkage and shapless.

  〇 Pets-freindly and safe maintenace.

{5}  Specification :  1.2mm x 50 m.  2mm x 50m , Bobbin with flanges. 

Toray Ultra suede sulit tape .pdf

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