Mask fabrics made with Japanese Paper yarn and gauze/Japanese paper slit and twisted yarn/Soft and Elastic cord for face mask/Additioanl item, fabric and item/Washi yarn  fabrics for various kinds of items/Japanese Indigo Blue Dye “Awa Indigo blue”/Thermochromic yarn

Mask fabrics made with Japanese Paper yarn and gauze

Masks fabrics made from Washi,abaca and conifer paper yarns are available for our supply.

Save your safty  and keep your health against new corona virus outbreak spreading all over the world.

Face mask is indispesable items for our safty and health nowadays.

Washi fabrics have several important characterestics. Antibacteria, the highest level of moisture absorbation. Washing of mask is available for washing at many times not disposable.

Quick drying is available.

We are in a position to supply Washi fabric  made Japanese paper yarn, rubber and guaze fabric

as one set of making face mask to you.

For more details please refer to the catalogue attached leaflet.








Soft and Elastic cord for face mask

Soft and elastic cord is made with polyurethane yarn and polyeser yarn by special know-how cotton like and soft touching to your skin and elastic expansion like rubber is best suited for face mask rubber.

The most softness of this cord ie extraordinary characterized and is availabe for face mark rubber.

For the details, please refer to the attached paper and pictuered colour cords.

Size list of abaca paper slit yarn

Abaca item No.1224 NE  isn running production stock lot more than 500 kg at present. 

Additonally , Article No.1215  NE 9 100% abcaca paper yarn is  available for our supply.

If you will be interested in article No.1215 NE 9, please be free to contact us by e.mail or fax.

Special features including technical information

Additioanl item, fabric and item

Examples of T-shirts and denim

Abaca paper yarn shirts are on sale in Japan 2 types with 7 colours

We can supply our fabrics for T-shirts

Article #014

Yield :: 410 gram per square meter

size : 185 cm x about 30 meter roll

Colour: breached white and dyed colours

Article #015

Yield : 202 gram per square meter.

Size; 160 cm x about 48 meter roll

Colours: breached white and dyed colours.

Quality samples: we will send you the sample fabrics upon receipt of your requests.

These fabrics are suited for T shirts and other kinds of shirts

Abaca paper yarn is used for denim

“Washi yarn”( Japanese paper yarn )  “massage & Body towel

Specially woven for abaca paper towel.

Abaca paper is slit  to tape yarn.

This paper yarn is woven with special technique

to produce  “Abaca paper body towel”

The eyes of fabrics are good for massage towel 

Exporters ; Yubicks Inc., Japan.

Makers : Furukawa Yusuke Shop Co.,Ltd.

We can supply Washi yarn  fabrics for various kinds of items

Abaca fabric No.NW 140 

Application ; The following articles.

Composition : abaca 40%  Cotton 60%

Width : 140 cm/135

Length: about 50m

Weight gram (Yield) : 190 gram /saure meter (m2)

Minimm : 200 m per colour.

                        50 m per  colour for sample order.

Delivery: about 60 days.

                      about 35 -35 days for sample order.If you will have your question and requests,

please be free to contact us  by e.mail or tehephone.

“Abaca paper  yarn and persimmon- dyed  Parasol”

100 percent of Abaca  paper yarn is used.

1. Parasol cuts “Ultra violet rays”     wiith  priiority.

2. Natural tree of “Cherry ” are used for handle,  Ferrule and tassel especially.

3. Abaca paper parasoly is made of material of fabrics in details to handle  and it is the highest class of parasol.

5. Parasol is  made to order.

If you will have your questions, please be free to contact us.

“Abaca paper slipper”

The most lightest weight, antibacterbacterial

property and air permeability are specially

characterised for this slipper.

Laundry is available and you can use this slipper with  cleaning.

On seasons, like spring, summer, autom and winter, Designs of patterns are changed. 

Lady”s Cherry knit hat.

Abaca paper is kntted and made for

knitting hat,

Natural Cherry tree dyed.

Light weight, air -permiability  and sweat and water aborbent propery  apecially fanctioned.

Cherry tree natural dyed toto bag

Abaca paper yarn is knitted

Light weight and  open part is covered

with inner lining cloth.

Inside  packed materials are unseen from 

outside glance.

Abaca shawl made withCherry tree natural dye.

Light weight, hghest peameability

Antibacteria resistance are espeically

superior to other material

You feel confirtable to skin touching.

“Mitten ” made with organic cotton and abaca paper yarn

Size : 12 cm x 20 cm

Material and compostion : cotton  60% and abaca paper yarn 40 %

Natural fiber colour is best  suited for babby and women  skin.

Japanese paper (abaca paper) has natural  antibacteria  property and highest peamealiability with quickest dry.

There is no use of soap without stimulation to your skin and

removal of extra skin .

How to use “Mitten”

Insert the middle finber around the tape (cord) and then put other

fingers except thum. Please use this mitten.

Further attention and special properties.

1 Light brown colour is natural material colours.

2.There is no  stimilation to skin when you will not use soap and

   your extra skin layers are cleaned up. It makes your soft and moiture


3. “Mitten is passed through Oecotex 100  certifying  baby or infant

      standard class 1 and it is approved  by  German ecology promotion ” Cerse” 

     100 percent for organic materials are approved by it.

4. Insert your middle finger into the cord and put thumb and other fingers

    into Inside of “Mitten”.

5. This mitten is suited for  using baby body  because there is no chemical fibers.

This picture  is surface of Mitten to touch your skin.

Very comfortable skin touch and also the above-mentioned superior function attracts you.

Please be free to contact us for your request of sample test.

First please try to use it.

Various kinds of fabrics for apparel use.

Article No. 28 9659

Composition: abaca 60% cashimia 12%, silk 11%

                              cotton 17%

Width : 124 cm/122 cm

Weight : 22 gram/m2

minimum: 200m per colour.

We can accept less than  those of 200m/colour

but prices becomes higher due to dyeing cost.

Article : No.55 TN4-145-224026

Composition : abaca 55%  polyester

Tencel 45%    

Width : 125cm/123cm

Length: 50m per roll

Weight: 196 gram/m2

Minimum: 500m  /colour             

We can accept the minimum lots but the price becomes higher than that  of standard minimum lot.

Plastic sheet with “Washi (Japanese paper) “

Special Japanese designed paper are mold between plastic sheet or single plastic resin layer.Beautiful paper designs are oberved through transparent plastic sheet from ouside.With your procession of vaccum forming or pressure forming , 3 dimentional forming is availableas you can sea our pictures.We are expecting that you will apply these outstanding plastic sheets for your new productsin future.Main applications are interior decoration, wall tiles, display goods etc.

Japanese Indigo Blue Dye “Awa Indigo blue”

Japanese “Awa” Indigo dye blue is locally popular in Japan.

The right picture is Japanese indigo blue  planted in Tokushima prefecture, Japan.

 “Awa Indigo blue dye” is applied for textile, wood and accessories.

There are dyeing factories, dye factories, dyed

fabric, wood  factories and accessories ateliers.

Traditional “Awa indigo dye blue goods are still increasing its market

for not only Japan but also  foreign countries

There are highest technogical dyeing machnines

and also traditional tab sytem.

Beautiful colours  expression by dye process and tint by getting unique dye plague are outstanding and  unique performance.

This classical dyeing is available for fabric, cotton and abaca paper yarn and other kinds of products  at this moment.

“Awa Indigo blue  dyed fabric.

The picuture  by right side is standard and tradtional

“Awa indigo blue dyed cloths.

This material yarn is available for cotton and abace


it is a beautiful indigo blue coloured pant and shirt.

Japanese people love this simple and deeped  blue colour and the highest clasoo of shirt and pant.

We will provide these dyed fabric to you.

The right side of picture is dyed with “Awa Indigo blue”

Indigo blue colours are dyed two kinds of solvents.

After Awa indigo dyestuff solvent of blue colour

and green colour are applied on raw white fabric

or yarns, they are changing these colours

by exposed by air and put in water, colours

are changing to clear indigo blue colour finally.

Textile designers are mostly impressed at

seeing this vivid colour change.

Indigo blue dye is dyed with cotton and Japanese paper

yarns (Abaca paper yarn)

The mixed yarns  for cotton and abaca paper yarn

are also dyeable too.

The dye stuff is made from “AI (Pericadia Temtoria) . Indigo blue colours are used with

two kinds of solvents, namely dark purple and

green colours. After dipping fabrics or yarns,

They are exposed by air and cleaned with water,

Colour is changing into real indigo blue tint.

Sewing designer is impressed with this colour

change at natural atmosphere.

Apertune pattern designers who stick on this

indigo blue and her combination of straight and curved  lines are in a position to creat variouds

beautiful and unique new patters.

Please refer to right side picture.

New arrangements for aperture fabrics make

different facial expression.

One of designer Mrs.Yuko Miyoshi creates

the best use of blotting patterns for her


“Awa Indigo blue dye” for jewelry and accessories

Mrs.Akiko Yamanawa, one of accesory designers

use “Awa Indigo blue dye” for her products.

Cottom  pear dyed with “Awa indigo blue dye”

are applied for her blue coloured  accessories.

She  check these beads after indigo dye  is applied.

This serious dye checking work is very important for making real or genuine indigo blue colours.

Most Japanese  love this beautiful Awa Indigo blue  beads .

We are in a position to supply a set of “Indigo blue beads”, blue beads and its parts to you.

We will be pleased to receive your comments, inquiries and any questionaires at any time by taking your e.mail, fax and telephone。

e.mail :

fax + 81 (0) 77 564 7136

telephone + 81 (0) 77  564 7185

English, Japanese and Italiano are avaiable.

“Awa Japanese Indigo Blue dye for Jewelry and accessories

According toMr.Hitosi DOI of his Atelier Athen,he  studyied  traditional indigo dye and believed that chemical dye  was taken place from traditional indigo blue dye.Japanese jewelry and accessories were popularized  since Meiji era (1868~ 1912)

In additioan, artificial chemical dye stuffs and Indian indigo blue dye process came to Japan.

Against these trend, “Awa  Indigo blue dye” still exsts in Japan.

Furthermore, its traditional technique is being transmitted  nowadays.

Mr.Doi is confident that European advanced jewelry and accessories and Awa Indigo blue dye

are combined or mixed and someting new which has not existed in the world  can be created newly.

His idea becomes a cause of making Awa Indigo blue accessories in the global market.

Now, we are in a position to supply designed accessories as well as parts to enlarge

and popurize this market.

If you will have any questions, requests and whatever you will need,

please be free to contact us at any time.

Thermochromic yarn

Colours of the thermochromic yarn are changed another colour shades by temperature at lower or hgiher centigrade .

1. We are in a position to supply  yarns made with your requested two colours and two setting points .

  .Set your first required colour (example royal blue) at 20 centigrade and set your second colour and your second required colour (example pink) at 28 centigrade. 

   These two colours and temperatures must be requested us to make yarns in advance.

  These two colours are  made with capsules and then, thermo yarn is made on your request.

2. Colour change speed is very quick in the condition of   temerature change.

3. Composition  : Polypropylene, P.P.

4. Yarn countsb

   Single 180Dtex /18 filaments  without twist.

   Embrodery yarn  : 180 Dtex/2   total 360 Dtex.

5. Application: knit, weaving, embroidery, Braids

    Artificial flowers, toyes, dolls, sweaters, outdoor dress,

    Various kinds of tapes. Hand-made carpet and table sets which you can see different colours from many angles and when temperature degree is changed.