Marco Polo (1254.9.15-1324.1.9)
The merchant of Venice Republic wrote his book “Memorie d’oriente “
This book introduced ” Zipang Japan” was rich in  golden products and called her by ” Gold  country”
In this book, our country was introduced to European countries. 
In reality, gold was  produced in Japan and it is said that
golden fabrics were also produced and used by aristocratic society.
Uji Byodoin, Kyoto was built by the regent of,
Yorimich Fujiwara and rebuilt as the villa of
 Michinaga Fujiwara in 1052.
At this arisitorcraacy  society, pure gold threads were already used for embroidery and woven fabrics. Pure gold and silver threads started
in 7 century Japan.

New MX-BE type for metallic stocking.

MX-BE type  1/127″ -12d x 2

12 micron  1/127″ supported with

2 ends of textured wooly nylon yarn.

12 micron aluminum metallized and coated polyester film, slit and supported with 2 ends

of 12 denier textured and wooly nylon 12d.

Yarn count

slver colour 152,000m per kg. 50 denier

gold colour 146,000m per kg  61.6 denier

mono colour 146,000 m per kg. 61.6 denier

MX-BE type 1/16(-12dx2

12 micron aluminum metallized and coated polyester film, slit 1/16(8″ supported with

2 ends of textured wooly nylon 12d x2 nylon yarn.

Yarn count

silver colour 180,000 m per kg. 47d.

gold colour   180,000 m per kg. 47d

MX-BE type 1/100″-12d x2

6 micron auminum metallized and coated with 2 ends of textured nylon 12 denier

Yarn count

silver colour 172,00 m per kg.

gold colour   172,000 m per kg.

-All o f them are 500 gram per cone.

– For stock lots and any questions,  please email us immediately.-We will provide you with our answers, advices, samples, price list and latest informations


Nishijin Textile History

Pure gold threads and imitation gold threads has been developped with advance of Japanese

Kimono cuture in nishijin textile in Kyoto.

Nishijin Kimono in Kyoto (old capicatl of Japan started since 1000 years and 12 century  12 Centuries ago, Japanese embeeror “Kammm ” decided as Japan’s

Capital. Since then, weaving and embroidery advanced in Nishijin province.

Everday, Kimono Show open at Nishijin Textile center in Kyoto City.

Japanese “KIMONO”

Occidental dress is fabricated in three dimensions but Japanase “Kinmono” is planly fabricated  with

long and straight lineed fabric pieces, called by “Tanmono”

Modern Kimono is basically  “Nagagi” a kind of gown dress, putting on body and fastening by

“Obi” (Belt).

For men’s full formed uniform, it consists of “Kimono”, “Hakama” (trouser) and “Haori” gown.

On the contrary, for  female full formal uniform of “Kimono”, there are a variety of them

with long sleeves called “Furisode” uniform especially for younger women.

In Edo period (1608-1868), femele used to have their customs to fasten sleeves and short sleeves

after their marriage.  These sleeves used to be called with “Tome Sode”.

In addition, A long belt, namely “Obi” is used for not only fastening “Kimono” but also beatiful

decoration roles.

“Tabi” (sockes) and beatiful “Zori” (decorated sandals are also arranged.

In Italy, Kimono is called with “Kimoni” and the most famous opera “Madam Butterfly” is played

with “Kimono”.

Pure gold and pure silver threads were indispensable for embroidered and woven fabrics to

increase the most beautiful and elegant “Kimono” and “Obi”.

But nowadays, pure gold threads by hand craft production becomes decreased because

mondern and new vaccum metallized producton systeme and slitting and twisiting

machines comes new  metallic yarns around 1956.

Pure silver metallized threads.

9 micron pure silver metallized and coated polyester film is laminated with Japanese paper,

slit and twisted with span rayon or viscose rayoon.

This type of yarn is main stream of metallic threads and used for wide range of embroidery, weaving,

braidings and so on at present.

Pure gold leaf or pure gold metallized threads are deplaced by pure silver metallized threads.

Pure silver metallized thread is available for the largest and up dated production system.

“Pure silver metallic yarn” SN type.

SN 110 type is made with round twisting yarn.

110 denier of polyamide (core yarn) is round twisted with metallic slit yarn

of pure silver metallized polyester under-coated and laminated with Japanese

paper without twisting space (fully covering yarn)

It is used for embroidery, sewing and weaving or knitting fabrics.

Piece dye or over dye is not allowed for processing.

We will be able to send you our colour cards and small babby cones on

your request, from which you can see brightness of colours and detailed

quality in detail.

Round yarn of SV 100 type.

ST B100 type “Pure silver metallic yarn without paper”

SA-3D type for embroidering to leather and denim.

Applicaton: embroider for leather and thicker fabricls like denims shoelaces , glouves, bags, denims, felt.


Metallic Pastel colour  yarns

You can select metallic yarn twisting  with 4 pages of colours shades

Metallic slit yarn ” M type”

Iridescent colour of slit and supported yarns

Composition :Iridescent colour film laminated with transparent or coloured polyester film or polyethylene film slit (M type ) and supported with viscose cupro rayon yarn ” Bemberg and

20d monofilament polyamid yarn or 12 denier of woolly textured polyamid yarns (nylon)

Main applications: knitting and weaving purpose.

“Hologram metallic yarn.

Metallic Hologram metallic yarn is applied for embroidery, weaving and braid.

We are in a position to supply our two types of Hologram metallic yarn, namely A type and B type  due to rubbing ( friction) resistance property.

{A type}  3  films are laminated to strengthen yarn

resistance. Namely, hologram engraved film is laminated

between 2  pieces  of polyethyele films.

  •  Application: Embroidery, weaving, braid.
  • Yarn size  1/100″ NM 60, 150d. 1/69″ NM 40
  • Make -up 6,000m flange bobbin.    

{B type}  23 micron film only,  Less stronger than that of A type.  it is mainly applied for weaving and braids whicn  do not require the strogenst rubbng resistance.

  •  Yarn size : 1/100″  NM 110.  122 denier.  1/32″ NM 34  377 denier
  • Make-up: 6,000m flange bobbin for 1/100″ and 1/69″  2,000m per bobbin

Colour cards , sample bobbins and price list will be sent you on your request.

Supporting with 2x20d nylon is available. If you will have questions and requests, please be free to contact us  at any time by e. mail or fax.

SX type, pure slver metallized and supported with “Bemberg”

SX type is made of the slit and supported yarn, 6 micron polyester film, pure silver metallized

and laminated with 6 micron polyester film, and inside of films, silver or gold colour coated.

This film is slit into 1/168″ and supported with 2 ends of cupro amomonium viscose rayon

“Bemberg” yarn of 40 denier or 50 denier . 

Bemberg yarn is silk brghtness, soft and eco-freindly fi ber yarns.

  • Application: knitting and weaving fabrics.
  • Make-up: 500 gram per cone,  25 kg per carton case.
  • Minimum: 50 kg per colour, Less than 50 kg per colour is also acceptable  but expensive.
  • If you will dye with your required colours, Bemberg yarn is dyed but metallic yarn is
  • not dyed with your colours. It remain original colours of silver or golld

We regret that silver colour is not shinning because of scan situation.
If you will be interested in SX type, please be free to contact us at any time.
We will send our colour cards immediately upon receitp of e.mail or fax .

Pure gold metallized slit yarn supported yarn.

{GMMX type }

Pure gold metallized polyester and laminated

with polyethyele film  is slit to 1/169″ and supported with 2 ends of 21 d silk yarn. This is used for scarf weaving.

  1.  Metallic yarn 1/169″ supported with 2x21d silk yarn.
  2. Yarn count  : NM 48
  3. Make-up : 5,000m cone. Net.weight 135gram
  4. Minimum order : 10 cones.

{GMMH type}

Pure gold metallized polyester and laminated

with polyethylene film is slit to 1/100″ supported

with  75 d. viscose rayon

  1. Make -up: 6,000m weight 145g
  2. Yarn count NM 41. 28  abt. 217 denier
  3. Metallic yarn 65.4%, Rayon 34.6%
  4. Main application: High class fabrics
  5. Minimum order : 10 cones per order
  6. production lot :subject to final confirmation.

Glowing yarn in dark space

Cupro viscose rayon amonum yarn”Bemberg” embroidery threads

Asahi cupor viscose rayon amonum yarn

“Bemberg”  is sikky brightness and beatiful

embroidery yanr.

“Bemberg” yarn are fast dry,water aborbation  and soft skin touch and comfortable yarn.

  1.  Low rate of anti electricity.
  2. Reactive dye and highest color fastness
  3. Application: embroidery, weaving


BB 40/2   twist S 600/Z 600,   NM 112.5,  BB 50/2  Twist S600/Z 700  NM 60.

BB120/2   Twist S520/Z600, NM 37.5  BB 150/2 Twist S450/Z 700 NM 30

remark: NM 112.5 is 112,500m per kg.

Make-up: 5,000m per cone or king spool, 3,000m per cone or king spool

                1,000m per mini spool.   1 kg per cone.  

“Bemberg” yarn colour cards

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