Dear Sirs,

We are the expoters, importers and ,manufactueres of wide range of metallic yarns, embroidery yarns and fancty yarns, agricultural spare parts of tillers. and other kinds of Japanese original goods.

We are pleased to inform that small or larger lots, high and unique technical products

and so on are provided to our customers with sincere and best service.

If you will have samples, price lists, any questions and requests, please be free to contact us at any time.

New business lines started

  • Face mask made of Japanese paper yarn is deviewed on April 13,2020  日本語入力でも開始しました。
  • Metallic pure silver threads is enewed on April 3,2020
  • We started “Mask fabric made from paper yarn” on April 2,2020

-Horogram yarn is renewaled on March 26, 2020

  • Japanese stoles and thinnest organdy scarfs is added on March 23,2020

-Japanese tea “Matcha” powdered tea is added on Oct.1,2019.

Our business lines.

Export business lines.

Yarns and textiles

-Mask fabric made of Japanese paper yarn

-Hologram metallic yarn.

-Ink Jet Printing fabrics started on Oct.1,2019.

-Metallic yarn SA-3D type is up-dated for colour cards 2019/04/28

-Japanese wrapping cloth (Furoshiki), Scarfs, Interior decoration clothes. 2019/04/22

-Both sides reflective yarn, slit yarn and supported polyester yarn staretd on 2019/01/29

-The most thinnest organdie fabrics started 2019,01/21

-Reflective tapes and yarns 2018/12/01

-Metallc yarn M type has been added on 2018/08/2

-Iridescent yarn has been revised 2018/06/22

  • Metallic Pastel colour MX type May 16, 2018 is revised.
  • Pure gold threads, imitation gold threads, pure silver and aluminum metallized metallic yarns. Hologram metallic yarns.
  • Abaca paper slit and twisted yarns, abaca paper yarn with cotton yarn. (Mixture 50% each yarn).
  • Nylon slit tapes and twisted yarns.

-Agricultural net tapes and yarn.

  • Cupro amonium viscose rayon “Bemberg” embroidery threads weaving and knitting yarns.
  • Traditional Awa Indigo Dye”. Please see next to ” abaca paper yarn”

-Conductive yarn and finger tip gloves

  • Phosphoriscent yarn, glowoing dark yarn.
  • Thermal tempaeature changing yarn.

Textile goods.

-Japanese stoles and the thinnest organdy scarfs.

= foods.

Ohmi powered tea ” Matcha “

Plastic fllms

-Pure silver or aluminum metallized and coloured polyester films

for metallic yarns, decorative goods and others.


  • Agricultural spare parts for Honda Tillers and others.
  • Textule machinaries. card and spool windings.

Import business lines.

-.Crocket knitting machines, twisting machines, ball winding machines.

-Pure gold and pure silver coloured copper or other wires like 0.0mm, 0.08m

0.19 mm.

Our history.

Established on September 11, 2007.

Liason office establised at Utsubo Homachi , Osaka in 2007.

Moved at Nigawa , Nishinomiya, Hyogo on August 1,2008

Moved to Head office location at Kusatsu city, Shiga prefecture on Feb.1,2010.

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